The bigger challenge you accept, the greater the success will be

The bigger challenge you accept, the greater the success will be

The bigger challenge you accept, the greater the success will be

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I wasn’t always a person ready to step out of my comfort zone, but I really wanted to do so. I was dedicated to studying and I had much success, but I felt that I was not using all my potentials. I needed something that would make me push the boundaries. Once I decided to take a step forward, I chose to apply for participation in the Internship Programme of German Business. This had been my biggest challenge so far but I decided to accept it.  


With every step in the selection process for the scholarship holders and every new email I received, my excitement was increasing, and I was more and more sure that this internship was the best choice. After the selection process, I got an internship at SMS group GmbH. This was the opportunity for a unique experience in the field of industrial automation. I had the opportunity to learn something new every day in my internship time. I could feel my professional growth.  


Working in one of the leading companies in Germany is, of course, one of the greatest benefits of the internship, but there are many more. I improved my English and German skills and I learned how to deal with different people, different situations and challenges. I can say that I have grown up as a person and as a professional.  

Besides working and practicing German language, I enjoyed diving into German culture and travelling. Something I liked the most about travelling in Germany is travelling by train. It was amazing to feel that every part of the country is reachable in a couple of hours, since there are many places in Germany that are worth visiting. 

As I have already pointed out, there are many benefits of the internship, but the best one is definitely making new friendships. I met so many great people and we had such a great time together in Germany. If I could, I would repeat this experience! 

If you have doubts about how the internship will go or you are waiting for a better time to apply, trust me, there is no better time than now. Take the opportunity, overcome all challenges and use all your potential. 

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