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The Internship Programme of German Business provides your company the excellent opportunity to meet and educate highly qualified and motivated young talents of various professional backgrounds during an internship in Germany. You get the opportunity to train committed and well prepared interns for a future employment at your company branch in the region or as a business partner in one of the successful companies of the regions.

Up to 75 scholarships are provided to highly qualified students and young graduates from Albania, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia annually. The scholarship holders have a background in economics, the various fields of engineering, IT, commercial law, journalism, biology, chemistry and agriculture and food-industry. The scholarship holders speak English and/ or German.

Benefits for your company and services by the Programme

By participating in our Internship Programme of German Business your company has access to committed and well-educated Young Professionals who are highly motivated to engage and learn about issues and business fields that are of high importance for the strategic development of your company. By doing so, you boost the positive recognition of your company and promote your effort to support the youth.

Our Internship Programme offers your company the opportunity to host highly qualified young professionals, who support your business by their expertise and technical knowledge, their knowledge about their home country as well as the regional market and who make use of their country-specific language knowledge as well as English and German for the further development of your company.

The project team of the Internship Programme of German Business takes care of most of the administrational and logistic aspects of the internship in your company:

  • Call for application, reviewing of applications, candidate selection in interviews, which consists of assessment of expertise and language skills conducted by an independent selection committee, including the Programme coordinators
  • Matchmaking of your company needs with a pre-selected list of suitable candidates. The final decision on the choice of the perfect fit for the internship position is completely up to the companies themselves.
  • Organisation of administrative issues such as visa, working permit and health insurance
  • Organisation and financing of the intern’s arrival to and departure from Germany
  • Financing of a German language course during the stay in Germany
  • Intercultural training of interns prior to their stay in Germany
  • The Programme coordinators remain your direct contact persons not only throughout the selection process, but also during the entire matchmaking process and the internship period as well.

Public Private Partnership

Over the past 15 years, the Internship Programme of German Business has become a best-practice example of excellent cooperation between German business and the national German development cooperation.

Your company provides the internship position(s) and mentoring during the internship, and covers either the costs for accommodation and insurance or pays a monthly remuneration to the intern/s. The duration of the internship varies between 3 and 6 months. Additionally to that, every intern receives a monthly scholarship by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

According to the law of minimum wage, German companies participating in the Internship Programme pay the minimum wage to interns depending on the status of interns and the length of the internship. The payment of the minimum wage includes the payment of the insurance and the accommodation.

For more information on the minimum wage please visit the website provided by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs: https://www.bmas.de/DE/Themen/Arbeitsrecht/Mindestlohn/mindestlohn.html (External link!)

Please feel free to contact Ms Antje Müller (a.mueller3@bdi.eu) for any further questions.

CV database of alumni

Since 2004, more than 700 highly qualified Young Professionals have been participating in the Internship Programme and gained professional experience in Germany. Upon their return to their home countries, all scholarship holders became members of a very lively regional alumni network. Within this network, events and further training measures are organized regularly.

By doing so, our alumni network offers a large and interesting pool of Young Professionals for companies, specifically those which work in the countries of the Western Balkans. We invite you to discover the CV database of our alumni and gain an overview on the profiles of our alumni.
Please, feel free to contact Mr. Sascha Markovic (markovic@stipendienprogramm.org) and sign up for an account as a company.
If you are interested to become a scholarship holder of our Internship Programme, please apply here.

Experiences of the participating companies

 „We have been participating in the Zoran Djindjic Internship Programme since the very first day on. It has always been a pleasure to work with highly motivated scholarship holders. We are looking forward to the next generation!”
Robert Bosch GmbH

„We as Deutsche Telekom are delighted with the opportunities the Zoran Djindjic Internship Programme provides us with: To meet highly qualified young professionals of different fields of expertise during their internships in Germany. Due to the fact that we have subsidiaries in 4 of the Programme's 7 countries, the Programme is of special interest to us and differs from similar programs through its internationality. For our daily, intercultural work exchange with the subsidiaries, we benefit from the personal experiences of our interns which they have brought from their home countries. In this respect, we can only recommend the Programme and are happy to continue our close cooperation with the Committee on Eastern European Economic Relations in the future.”
Deutsche Telekom AG

„We have been participating in the Internship Programme of German Business for the countries of the Western Balkans since 2010. Our expectations have been exceeded from the first year on. We have not only been and still are able to accompany committed and very talented interns who are eager to learn but also to support them starting their professional career.”
Europoles GmbH & Co. KG

„We enjoyed our first participation in the Zoran Djindjic Internship Programme very much. It provided us with a great intern who fully integrated herself into our team on a personal as well as a professional level and therefore helped to strengthen the cooperation between our employees in Belgrade and Hamburg. We are looking forward to more great experiences to come.”
esome advertising technologies GmbH

„We are very satisfied with our participation in the Zoran Djindjic Internship Programme and in particular with our two interns and their performance, both professionally and socially. Both scholarship holders were outstanding, extremely motivated and made great contributions to our company. Overall, our participation in the Programme was very successful. “